Lebohang Masango's New Debut Non-Fiction Book Unpacks Pertinent Socioeconomic Issues Among South African Women In Pursuit Of The Soft Life

Lebohang Masango has a new release out, this time around for more grown readers, in the form of a debut non-fiction book; which unpacks pertinent socio-economic issues. 

After several children's books under her belt that are synonymous with promoting mother tongue language, the feminist poet, writer, social anthropology PhD candidate and multi-ward winning author, has released her latest book titled, 'The Soft Life: Love, Choice and Modern Dating.' 
The book delves into how women in South Africa define aspiration, romance, and love in pursuit of the soft life, with focus on topics such as dating standards, relationships, romance, the economy, as well as the state of the nation, and how these intersect in the lives of the five featured young women through their different perspectives on the issues-at-hand.


Become more feminine and traditional
Only date men with money
Forget splitting the bill 50-50
Embrace the standard of beauty with gusto

This is the mantra of the modern Soft Life coach. Why live a life of drudgery and over-work when you can recline in the arms of your Prince Charming? But is this a new or passing trend? Romance and finance have flirted with each other for a long time. From gold digger and sponsor to sugar baby and sugar daddy to blesser and blessee . . . across the world and throughout history, who women date has been as important as their career paths or where they live. Thanks to patriarchy, dating and marriage are among the ways women move up in the world.

In this book, Lihle, Jolie, Camilla, Nomonde and Bongi – women from very different walks of life – openly share their stories, providing an insider’s perspective on the life seen on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest: The lavish holidays, the designer bags, the dinners and champagne and the luxury vehicles that make the Soft Life so irresistible.

The new book is on brand

The Soft Life as Lebohang's latest book is no surprise as it is quite similar to her Master of Social Anthropology dissertation titled, 'Johannesburg, sex love and money: an ethnography of phones and feelings' which centred around a similar themes. This makes it a great idea to expand her learnings into a book, as it makes it more accessible. A documentary or film would also be a great way to tell this story too. 

She has authored numerous books whilst pursuing a PhD qualification and engaging in volunteers advocacy work with organisations like UNICEF South Africa and writing poetry geared towards preservation and promotion of heritage, coupled with an African women podcast. A busy productive woman. 

From children's books promoting mother tongue language, to tackling socio-economic issues in her new book, Lebohang's work epitomises purpose-driven; enlightening is her forte, and it is a delight to watch. 

So far, the book has received positive reviews from readers, who could barely put it down. 

Upcoming book launch

Lebohang will be holding a book launch on 29th November at Rosebank Mall, hosted by the brilliant multifaceted Karabo Ntshweng

The Soft Life book box giveaway

The author will also be giving away free signed copies. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 29 November 2022 at the launch. To stand a chance to win a copy of 'The Soft Life: Love, choice and modern dating' you must meet the following requirements: 
  • Quote tweet this post with the date and venue of the book launch
  • You must reside in Gauteng, South Africa

The book is available at Exclusive Books and Takealot. For more on her work visit her website <here>.

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