African Women In Dialogue Launches ‘My Story In My Voice’ Podcast Featuring Conversations With Remarkable Feminist Activists, Hosted By Lebohang Masango

Archives are of the essence. Documenting stories is not only important for future generations, but also for present-day generations. Africa is filled with so many stories of women that we need to hear, and the more platforms we have for their stories, the better, as the more stories, the more perspectives we have to learn from. Fortunately, the digital village we live in allows for these stories to be heard by a wider audience, however, there is still more that needs to be done with regards to data prices to make these stories accessible to the masses; through comprehensive implementation from government to ensure prices are regulated to protect consumers from paying exorbitant data prices. 

The latest platform amplifying women's stories is the African Women In Dialogue Podcast featuring conversations with trailblazing women leaders from all walks of life, as they share their stories in their own voice on the African Women In Dialogue 'My Story In My Voice Podcast. 

The first season of the podcast which premiers on Friday, 18 February at 10:00 SAST, includes feminist activists from Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, the Sahrawi region and Tanzania, hosted by award-winning Author, Poet, Anthropologist and PhD candidate Lebohang Masango

The African Women In Dialogue was launched in November 2019 as a flagship program of the Zanele Mbeki Development Trust (ZMDT). ZMDT is committed to contributing to strengthening the ever-growing African Women's Movement by convening African women from all 55 countries to dialogue on all issues of continental importance under one roof for one week in Johannesburg. The platform provides an inclusive, non-partisan and non-hierarchical environment that validates every woman's voice and enables them to participate freely. To date, they have hosted two Dialogues in 2018 and 2019 respectively, assembling over 2,000 African women in total.
The African Women In Dialogue ‘My Story In My Voice’ podcast serves as the Trust's contribution to the efforts to accurately document, archive and restore African Women's input in our history, our present and our future. 

The inspiration behind the podcast derives from the fact that we often hear of great women and the work they do, yet very little is ever said of the actual 'person' behind the leader, the hero, the activist, the achiever and the celebrant. To this end, the podcast will profile and celebrate women leaders of this continent. 

The podcast is available on SoundCloud, ApplePodcast, Iono, Spotify and Podbean. 

Reference: Lebohang Masango | Instagram

Photo Credit: AFWID
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