Lebohang Masango Continues To Promote Literacy In The Home Language Through The 'Mpumi Book Series'

The 'Mpumi Book Series' give readers a front row seat into Mpumi's world. 

Lebohang Masango and Masego Morulane are back with two new editions of the Mpumi Series titled, 'What Does Mpumi Wear?' and 'What Does Mpumi Eat?' The latest editions are preceded by Mpumi's Magic Beads, their debut children's book, followed by Mpumi and Jabu's Magical Day, whose aim was to enable deaf children to read in their first language. 

The series is aimed at expanding children's vocabulary of different things in their home language to help them understand the world they live in. Books from the series have been translated in all the eleven official South African languages, which makes it easier for children to learn about everyday objects and expand their vocabulary in their home languages; a key objective the social anthropologist, writer and poet seeks to achieve.

About each edition of the Mpumi Series:

  • What Does Mpumi Eat? is the forth edition of the series that shows little readers ages 3-6 to learn all about the yummy food they eat everyday. 
  • What Does Mpumi Wear? is the third edition that explores Mpumi's wardrobe.
  • Mpumi and Jabu's Magical Day is the second edition.  It not only follows Mpumi and Jabu's splendid and heartwarming interaction on their magical day, but is also geared at enabling deaf children to read in their first language.
  • Mpumi's Magic Beads is the first edition, and it tells a story about friendship, self-esteem, discovery & beautiful hair.

It is interesting to watch Mpumi's evolution and growth. The series makes Mpumi a wholesome human being and you have to love how we get to see her in different facets.  

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Photo Credit: Lebohang Masango | Instagram
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