Sho Madjozi's First Children's Book Is A Gratitude Note To Her Little Fans That Features A Heart-warming Story Of Adventure, Community & Friendship

Sho Madjozi's first children's book is here! 

After years of releasing hot music in multiple languages that has crossed over the world, Sho Madjozi is treating her little fans to a new project in an artistic composition of a children's book, titled ShoMa and the Stars, written by herself, Maya Wegerif and illustrated by Katlego Keokgale. 

The book features a heart-warming story of adventure, community and friendship. The title of the book stems from the fact that her fans are known as Stars, hence ShoMa and the Stars. It is a delight to watch her share her other gifts such as writing for her little fans. It should be no secret that at the core of Sho Madjozi's brilliance is, writing; she is a writer and it's both important and exciting to see her as a writer coming through for the little ones, arguably the biggest demographic of her fan base. 

Dark & Hard Times
The award-winning artist shared that when she lost her little sister in December 2019, there was no light left in her life. That year, thousands of girls braided their hair in colour. They were literally the reason she carried on. She made them ShoMa and the Stars to say thank you for being the stars in her night: "With all my love to all my little fans. Thank you for being the light in my sky," says Sho Madjozi.

Furthermore, she also experienced betrayal from her team and friends, which added to the hard times. The entertainment industry often is affiliated with glitz and glamour; it is associated it with rosy vibrations, but like any other profession, there are challenges too, Sho Madjozi got her share of management issues, meaning, it is not always sunny; sometimes it pours. However, she rose above the hardships and not only released her debut book, but also dropped a new song called 'Toro' alongside the visuals, which can be watched <here>

After these obstacles, she is bouncing back with a book, one that further cements her legacy and impact on culture is the best way to end the year.  


Sho Madjozi will also be making appearances at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on 17th December 2022 and a book tour set for January and February 2023.


So far, news broadcaster and fellow children's book author, Nzinga Qunta expressed her joy on Twitter for the new book and how her and her daughter binge read it: "Oh my word! @ShoMadjozi wrote the most beautiful kids book called Shoma and the stars. It is lovely, and bright and has a fantastic message. Thank you.  Available at @EthnikidsCo. Oh my gosh. What a fantastic book. Amari and I both finished it like."

You Can't Be What You Don't See

As the popular saying goes, you can't be what you don't see, Sho Madjozi's existence makes her little fans feel seen and represented. Witnessing her brilliance and authenticity is worth watching, a brilliant cultural icon who epitomises variety; and is true to herself; imagine what this does for her little fans? 

"#Shoma is going to become a household name in children’s entertainment. Kancane kancane. Can’t keep giving young girls these images where the heroes look nothing like them. It’s enough now, says Sho Madjozi.

Concluding Thoughts

This book is not surprising, in fact it is befitting for the multifaceted Sho Madjozi. It is exciting that she has executed it and serves as a another outlet for her fans to tap into their talented favourite's magnificence. She is a perfect example of someone who the world is their oyster and hopefully her little fans can pick a leaf; that they can be anything they set their mind to without shrinking themselves to fit in. That they belong everywhere as she expressed on her timeless classic, 'Kona.' 

The author says when she lost her sister, one of the things that kept her going was  the love she got from her little fans as they expressed themselves with cool Sho Madjozi-inspired hairstyles. How fulfilling must it be that both the artist and her fans benefit from each other; not only financially for Sho Madjozi, but also through impacting and disrupting the status quo while redefining culture?! That's a legacy right there. 

No pressure to her but should her old fans also expect something like a poetry collection? I mean, Maya The Poet is iconic too. 

This book couldn't come at a better time; an ideal Christmas gift. 

 ShoMa & the Stars  is available at all book stores <here>

Sources & Photo Credit: Sho Madjozi | Twitter

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