Nzinga Qunta's Debut Book 'Amari's Adventures' Documents The Journey Of A Little Girl Who Encounters Beautiful South African Plants, Animals & People


News broadcaster and MC, Nzinga Qunta is now a published author of a children's book titled, 'Amari's Adventures' and illustrated by Godwin Akpan

According to Ethnikids, Amari’s Adventures is an interactive picture book about a little girl who goes on an adventure and encounters beautiful South African plants, animals and people. She encourages little ones reading the book to count with her.

The book which will be launched on 2nd July, is available in all the eleven official South African languages as well as Nama.

Nzinga's evolution is a delight to watch; from model, to television presenter on Channel O's O-Boma and Imagine Afrika, to news broadcaster and now published author. Talk about onwards and upwards! There's something about Nzinga that echoes a quietly brilliant demeanour, and someone who is true to herself. 

Amari's Adventures is available for purchase <here>.

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