Introducing "Katoto", A Ugandan Cartoon Series

African creatives are on roll to tell our stories through animation. A group of young Ugandan innovators are creating a buzz with a local cartoon dubbed "Katoto".

Katoto is a Ugandan cartoon series featuring a true village Mukiga man who loves Bushera and is often caught in hilarious escapades with his son cow and wife. 

He is hilarious, witty and full of tricks. The character is portrayed in Rukiga, an indigenous language spoken in South Western Uganda. However, the cartoon is not only targeted at Rukiga speaking people but made for Ugandans as a whole and focused on a global appeal.

If you love some laughter, they've got you covered in this department.  The series is both entertaining whilst promoting culture and language.

Micky Mouse who?  I hope Katoto becomes a global cartoon. It's about damn time!


Click HERE to watch more of Katoto's happenings.

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