Laetitia Ky Collaborates With Marc Jacobs Showcasing Their Latest Handbag Collection Using Her Signature Hair Sculptures

Ivorian artist Laetitia Ky has collaborated with American fashion brand Marc Jacobs to showcase their latest handbag collection using her renowned signature hair sculptures. 

The new collection features three types of handbags dubbed: THE Quilted Softshot, THE Snapshot and THE Small Traveler Tote.

At the announcement of the collaboration, the artist expressed, "Creating those images for @marcjacobs was a pure time of joy. Inspiration will be always at its max when you love the product you promote! I am in love with all my new bags and #thetotebag is my new favorite!"

To which Marc Jacobs replied: "Thank YOU @laetitiaky I hope to meet you someday. Your work is truly inspiring and I am grateful to you for bringing our stuff to life with your distinctive, beautiful voice and vision!"

Here are the photos of their collection documented on July 17, 2020 in Ivory Coast.

This piece is dubbed THE Quilted Softshot.

THE Snapshot.

THE Small Traveler Tote.

Source/Photo Credit: Laetitia Ky & Marc Jacobs | Instagram | Twitter
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