16 Year-Old Ugandan Praise Aturinda Invents Multi-Purpose Solar Heater As A Solution To Cold Showers & Global Warming

In women in STEM news, 16-year-old Ugandan science enthusiast, Praise Aturinda invented a multi-purpose solar heater as a solution to cold showers and global warming.

February 11th is marked International Day of Women and Girls in Science and the 16-year old was one of the people who attended an event for women who specialize in science, technology and engineering, held in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi a week ago.

Speaking to Kenyan channel KBC, Aturinda says she developed the multi-purpose solar heater to be able to get a comfortable life because she likes showering with warm water and secondly as a preventative measure to global warming. The innovation was made out of materials from her backyard and she hopes that her solutions can help the less fortunate while being environmentally friendly.

The multi-purpose heater's functions include; reducing the sun to dry spices, it dries hair and last but not least to heat the water. The young inventor further explained that if people in rural areas neither have charcoal nor a cooker, they can use the God-given gift, the sun.

How it works,  you dry the spices, hair and also heat the water at a very high temperature of 72 degrees and as a result, that water can be used to make tea, as well as drinking and showering.

The teenager also emphasised her love for sciences and hopes to use science as a solution to better the lives of fellow Ugandans.

Well done young lady. With that can-do attitude coupled with a willingness to learn; the world is your oyster.

Credit/Source: KBC
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