Artist Tony Gum's New Partnership With French Luxury Fashion Brand Chloé Emulates Portraits Taken Emcimbini

South African artist Tony Gum partners with French luxury fashion brand Chloé on a new Carte Blanch campaign titled Chloé Voices, which aims to spotlight and showcase content from women across the globe.

The Cape Town-based artist stars as 'uTony' in a series dubbed 'Cart Blanche Campaign: Klo Way (2020)' with portraits emulating 'emcimbini' (a cultural gathering in IsiXhosa).

Klo Way’ is a South African colloquial, a combining of words ‘kulo’ meaning at/there in isiXhosa; and ‘way’ (phonetically pronounced ‘weigh’) meaning place or thing.

In true Tony Gum style; her new work mirrors her Xhosa culture. In addition, Chloé says that
this carte blanche series for Gum's alter ego, 'uTony', exists to make contact with the viewer, asserting her presence through outward totems and inward strength.

According to Tony Gum, in this portrait; the story subtly illustrates a curated environment of the ‘place or thing’ by emulating portraits taken emcimbini (a cultural family gathering). These portraits are seen through a fourth wall which reveals the candid actions and moods of the attendees.
Giving little reason as to why umcimbi is being conducted, emphasis is placed on the various versions of uTony just being present.

She captures this portrait: "umcimbi attendee #1: dressed in overall-denim and ready to sebenza, usisi wasekhaya serves looks whilst serving umqombothi."

Watch video below:

Tony Gum is a force, whose work is characterised by authenticity. She's undoubtedly one of the most talented young South African storytellers moving to the beat of their own drum; and it is so beautiful to watch.

Sources: Tony Gum & Chloé  | Instagram
Photo Credit: Tony Gum & Chloé  | Instagram
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