From Africa To Broadway! Lupita Nyong'o to Star in Zimbabwean Actress Danai Gurira's Stage Play Eclipsed

  From Africa to Broadway. Africa Power taking over!

 In casting news, Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o will star in Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira's stage play Eclipsed; set to open this fall from October 14 to November 8 at the Public Theatre in New York. The production screening preview kicks off on September 29.
The announcement comes after Lupita's recent visit to her homeland, Kenya.

Eclipsed is a play written by Zimbabwean actor and playwright , Danai Gurira. The play is set about Liberia's long civil war, a story of women who have been abducted and made "wives" of a rebel commander, live together. Despite being set in war-torn Liberia, each woman finds a different way of surviving against all odds. You can read more about the play HERE.

In August 2014 (women's month in South Africa), the play premiered at the Soweto theatre directed by South African actress,
Warona Seane.
The Oscar award-winning actress not so long ago wrapped up her role as Phiona Mutesi, in the upcoming Ugandan film, Queen of Katwe, whose date is yet to be announced.

It's always good to see our home girl doing what she does best, acting. At one point soon after the 12 Years a Slave and Oscar buzz, the only news we heard about Lupita had to do with fashion. I'm glad she's back to her thespian African fabulous self.

Stories about African women, directed and narrated by African women equals WINNING!
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