African Arts Institute To Host Cultural Entrepreneurship Programme

The African Arts Institute, whose aim is to promote participatory democracy & respect for fundamental human rights in Africa by affirming the cultural dimension of development will be hosting a Cultural Entrepreneurship Programme.

The event will be held from 20–29 July 2015 in Cape Town, with the support of the European Union and the National Lottery.

According to AFAI, 22 learning partners from 14 African Countries were selected to participate in the programme and will be engaging on issues relating to Cultural Entrepreneurship on the African continent.

The learning partners have a range of experience in the sector and have been experimenting and doing amazing work to bring about sustainability in the sector. The programme will constitute a workshop on different content areas such as product development, financial management, idea development and business operations.

Issues such as developing business that can close the gap existing in Africa between the “have” and “have not”, as well as justice and development of collective wealth to bring about qualitative transformation of the African continent will be addressed.

Cultural entrepreneurship. How interesting does that sound?  Such a platform to explore the business aspect of an industry is necessary. Being an expert in your field is one thing; however it is very important to strike a balance between your expertise and the business side of things. 

Great initiative, AFAI. 

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