When Creativity Meets Innovation: Latita Creations By Lerato Mapoga

Latita Creations is an African accessories line designed by Lerato Mapoga from South Africa. The line draws inspiration from African raw materials.
We all have a story to tell. Here's Lerato's Latita Creations story.

Latita Creations was derived from a Xhosa word 'Lathitha' usually used when one refers to the sun rising, representing a new day, new prospects - a beginning.
Latita Creations (Rise Creations) was born after my mom taught me the art of crocheting, instantly falling in love with the craft I began experimenting using other materials apart from wool.
I was also inspired to start Latita Creations after a yearlong scholarship programme which I undertook in Indonesia at Universitas Pakuan from 2011 - 2012.

I learned the art of infusing culture with design, Indonesians have a strong culture which is passed through their materials, traditional garments and their way of life.

Established in August 2012, Latita Creations aims to make people feel worthy to Rise Blossom Be Bold in every aspect of their lives, I create African accessories which are inspired by my life experiences, ordinary people, nature - the simplicity of life.

Latita Materials

Leather - An essential entity to the Tswana people used through all generations from young males who wear leather pants in front, leaving the bottom uncovered, to male elders who wear leather trousers and women who wear leather skirts. Leather represents my Tswana culture which I grew up being taught as a child.

Glass Beads - Beads present the Xhosa people with common link, something that keeps them intertwined as one; the coloyrs of the beads uphold a certain message ( white = purity, yellow = fertility, green = new life and red = royalty).
I embrace the Xhosa culture since a part of me derives from the culture, a part which I never got the opportunity to know since my father never me as his own.

Tali Raffia (plastic) -  While in Indonesia I realized that Indonesians make their construction ladders from bamboo hollowed sticks firmly tied together by Tali Raffia. Since the country is relatively poor and can't afford to buy proper construction machinery. I was inspired by this and started to crochet earrings made from Tali Raffia. Lesson learned - value is found in simplicity.

Tie Dye Material  - I learned the art of tye and dye and started experimenting with textile design, the tye dye process is exciting and unpredictable, as you untie the cloth the patterns always tell a unique different story. Tye dye symbolizes life with its exciting twists and turns - the more unpredictable the road, the more exciting and beautiful the journey becomes.

Copper Chains -  Represent the hardships and blessings I have shared with my mum during the years for with positive comes negative and as a chain they are forever intertwined and after all adversities, we stood firmly together.

Latita designs include:

Cantik - Leather and beads body accessories
Cahaya - Crochet beaded neck pieces
Dunia - Crochet tye dye and Tali Raffia with beads material earrings
Berani - Beaded chained bracelets

Going forward, Latita goals

My ultimate objective for Latita is to make it world wide, importing and exporting African accessories all over the world.
Teach the art of Tye Dye and accessory making to teens, enriching upcoming young minds with the spirit of entrepreneurship through envisioning Latita's motto of Africans to Rise Blossom Be Bold - a skill that will keep them away from streets and forever assist them in the future.
Secure a space where I can sell my craft and manufacture the products, since I'm currently crafting from home and selling at events and fashion shows. A shop will enable Latita's clients to have a proper Latita experience in turn create employment.

So much depth in this young African woman's story! #AfricaRising #SupportLocal

Contact Lerato Mapoga

Cell: 0782989539
Emal: LMapoga@gmail.com

Photo Credit: Latita Creations
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