Africans You Should Know: Zambian Business Woman Mizinga Melu

By now, you must have 'over heard' this statement, 'African women are strong'. You can call it cliche for all you want but this statement still remains true and is not about to change anytime soon.
Due to society's inequalities, women have been accustomed to work ten times compared to our male counterparts; it even gets harder for African women having to prove themselves over and over again.

There's a number of African women that have risen above all the stereotypes and norms and raised the bar.  Mizinga Melu is an example of resilient, hardworking and intelligent women who remain a driving force in Africa's economy.
The Zambian accountant/ executive is the current Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tanzania's National Bank Of Commerce and holds a degree of Masters of Business Administration from Henley Management College, of the University of Reading, in the  United Kingdom, currently pursing her Phd through UNISA.

More on her over achiever tendencies: she was the first Zambian and the first woman to hold the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Standard Chartered Bank Zambia.

According to her, Africans produce enormous raw materials however, selling them is a problem due to boarder restrictions. She advises governments to work on visa limitations that affect the selling of goods across the continent.

As if that's not enough, she's a mother, wife and overall great, powerful and influential woman.

When I speak of Africa Rising, she's the perfect example.

Somebody say POWER!
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