New Documentary Film, 'Ampe: Leap Into The Sky, Black Girl' Highlights The Journey Of Black Girlhood


'Ampe: Leap Into The Sky, Black Girl' is a new documentary film spearheaded by Ghanaian and Nigerian filmmakers: Claudia Owusu and Ife Oluwamuyide.

Set in Ghana's capital, Accra and Columbus, Ohio, the documentary explores Black girlhood and is depicted as a rhythmic love letter to Black girlhood across the African diaspora.

The documentary which recently wrapped up multiple screening in the US, is featured in DCP, HD format under the short documentary, narrative genre with a duration of 17 minutes and 50 seconds and shot in a 16:9 ratio with English subtitle and filming Locations in Columbus, Ohio and Accra, Ghana.


Ampe: Leap into the Sky, Black is a documentary film that highlights the journey of Black Girlhood, and the relationships that Ghanaian girls have with their childhood selves through the lens of the traditional game, ampe. 

Ampe is a high-energy game played by girls in Ghana, West Africa. It includes jumping, clapping, and an all-around cheer as two teams select a stepping pattern and face off. The teams have leading players, referred to as “mothers'', who start the game and encourage players to compete at their best. The innate joy and competitive edge of ampe reveals the desire that Black girls have to be set free and feel a range of emotions without judgment.

Where to watch the film is yet to be communicated. In the meantime, the trailer can be watched <here>  

For more on Ampe, click <here> or <here>

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