Top 5 Favourite Songs By Oliver N'Goma

Growing up, I always thought this legend was a Congolese artist. This further explains the prevalence and impact of Congolese music in the early 2000's. If you grew up in East or Central Africa, Oliver N'Goma's music should not be foreign to the sounds of your childhood. His music never missed on the playlist.   

Oliver N'Goma (real name Olivier N'Gomawas a Gabonese artist and guitarist born in 1959 in Mayumba, Southeast Gabon. Affectionately known as Noli to his friends, the Bane hitmaker who is famous for his timeless soothing Afro-Zouk tunes, died in 2010.

N'Goma started engaging in music in 1971 while studying accounting, as he performed in a school band and had a keen interest in music instruments and refining his stagecraft through dance. Some of the most common themes in his music include love, social issues, entertainment and overall party/enjoyment vibes. 

Melting pot of emotions & language is not barrier

Oliver N'Goma's music evokes an array of emotions. One moment you want to pull out all your Kizomba dance moves to his hot jams, and the next you are emotional about whatever he's singing about - you will find yourself crying or smiling, and can't explain why; even though you don't know what he's saying, but you feel his music. Instead, your heart turns into a melting pot of emotions that you can't particularly name. So, you just bask in and enjoy the music, not to mention his calming voice. His music will make your heart do summersaults. 

Childhood memories

The multi-talented artist's music is laced with countless childhood memories. In hindsight, it is totally understandable why his music was popular back in the day. There are not enough words to describe Oliver N'Goma's music, but for now, Timeless will do. From the melodies, to the instrumentals, coupled with his compelling voice and a perfect blend of his guitar skills; his music remains a sonically pleasing catalogue that guarantees limitless audiogasm to the listener. The kind of music you will always have on repeat. 

Here is a trip down memory lane of the top five songs by the legendary Oliver N'Goma: 

5. Betty 

This song will melt your heart. 

4. Ngebe

This song will give you the urge to pull out all your Kizomba dance moves, but in the same breath get you in your feelings and teary. 

3. Bane 

For the dance lovers, this song beats to the core of your soul and you can't help but get up and dance, however stiff your waist may be, Bane lives you no choice but to take to the dance floor and pull out all your best dance moves or lack there of. You cant't be seated when this song plays. Bane is the kind of song that wakes up all your spirit animals. I have always wondered how it would feel hearing it in the club. It is the type of song that can wake up your ancestors. 

According to Lusafrica, Bane became a significant hit throughout Africa, France, as well as the French West Indies. It remains his most successful track, as since 1990, no new song has managed to overshadow BANE, either in the charts or in the public’s affection.

2. Ngé

Tears tend to be the consistent emotion when I listen to Ngé. The chorus gives me shivers down my spine. The beat is tranquillising and  Oliver's calming voice offers a duality of both sadness and calmness. It sounds like he's begging for something. It activates all kinds of sad and sympathetic emotions. This song will have you close your eyes and let it enter wherever it wants to while you hold your chest - that kind of feeling.

Drum roll...

1. Muetse

I don't think there are any right words to describe this song, but one thing I know for sure, Muetse awakens all sorts of feelings in me. For the longest time I thought Ngé was the best Oliver N'Goma song; a song I obsessively listened to for years until I listened to Muetse properly. This song has a calming effect as it pulls at your heartstrings. Rent was due when Oliver N'Goma made this song. 

Disclaimer: Choosing a mere 5 tunes by Oliver N'Goma is honestly a hard task, as he's got countless fire jams thus, in the same spirit, honorary mention to: Adia, Icole and Saga

What is your  favourite Oilver N'Goma song? 

Reference: Lusafrica

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