Sho Madjozi Launches Mini Heritage Project For Children To Celebrate Their Wonderful Cultures While Supporting The Women Who Make Traditional Attire

Heritage Day is around the corner (24th September) and the Black Cinderella and Captain of the Limpopo Champion's League has some stunning outfits for the little girlies to stunt on us. 

Rapper, Poet and Writer, Sho Madjozi has launched the Mini Heritage Project, which aims to give children an opportunity to celebrate their wonderful cultures while also supporting the women who make traditional attire. This project is basically an ode to the future stars (children) that serves as a reminder that they are so worth it, and long live the beauty and creativity of those who came before us.

The project whose timing couldn't be better as Heritage Day is fast approaching, features three collections so far: Tshivenda Mini Heritage, Xitsonga Mini Heritage and Sepedi Mini Heritage and were designed with the belief that kids are free to explore any culture they like and all the proceeds will go directly to the women makers. As the project grows, Sho Madjozi and her team hope to include more ethnic groups and styles. 

As someone who is fully aware of her privilege, Sho Madjozi has since day one, advocated for access to opportunities for everyone because that's what stops many people from achieving their dreams. She has always echoed sentiments about being able to create opportunities for people so that they have something they are able to do, and that wants to create more projects in her area of Limpopo; for example in the form of films as they employ a lot of people, because you can't tell people "live your dreams" when there are no opportunities for them to access, and then they are forced to leave Limpopo for Johannesburg due to lack of opportunities in their areas, hence she wants to change this. The Mini Heritage projects is one of the ways she is actioning her words.  

Concluding Thoughts

This project is on brand as Sho Madjozi's fanbase spans age groups, however, the majority of her biggest fans are arguably little girls and this is evident in the countless videos that are always circulating on social media of little girls wearing Sho Madjozi inspired hairstyles and fashion. 

As custodian of her culture, who has dared to make it a lifestyle to rock Xibelani even in some unconventional ways like pairing it with shorts, she continues to intentionally use her cultural icon status with a ripple effect. She doesn't excel alone; she's intentional with who designs her Xibelani; from the ladies who make the Xibelani and everyone involved is included, they all win together. 

The multitalented artist has expressed several times that as Africans we ought to benefit from our culture and our ideas; we should be at the centre of it, and she's practising exactly what she preaches through maximising opportunities for women who make traditional attire by actioning things in her region. She wouldn't want a situation where Xibelani is trending overseas but her people are not living well. 

Don't you just love how she intentionally uses her cultural icon status to impact tangible change in her community? This makes her even more iconic. 

Visit to make orders for any mini heritage attire of your choice before orders close soon to make it in time for heritage day.

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