Kemiyondo Coutinho's Fivefor5 Fund Set To Green-light & Amplify Stories By Ugandan Female Filmmakers Behind The Lens

Kemiyondo Coutinho

Ugandan actor, filmmaker and Artpreneur Kemiyondo Coutinho is raising funds for Ugandan female filmmakers through an initiative dubbed 'Fivefor 5 Fund', whose aim is to give five female filmmakers from Uganda $5,000 each to make a five minute short film, hence the goal is to raise $25,000.

Inspiration behind Fivefor 5 Fund: The Kyenvu filmmaker says, "Often, as female filmmakers, we get told to "just do it!" Whilst I value that tenacious mindset, it fails to recognize the very real costs surrounding filmmaking. Even after having made Kyenvu, which surpassed all my expectations, finding money for the next shoot has been a major hurdle. Let's face it, there is not enough "just do it" to pay for a DP, LIGHTING, SOUND, etc."

"This frustration led me to this fund. A fund that will give 5 female filmmakers from Uganda the chance to make a 5 minute short and truly "just do it!," she adds. She emphasises that we have the talent. She has seen it for herself and all they need is financial support.

What took her long to start the fund? 

"I have been procrastinating launching this fund because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to raise the full $25,000 . I didn't want to fail the filmmakers that I aim to support. I hate failing but I hate not seeing our stories out there more. So here I am."

5forFive Fund will partner with Media256, who are giving a heavily discounted rate. The full production costs will be within a $4500 budget. The remaining $500 will go towards festival fees. 

Breakdown of donation sources and targets

- Kemiyondo's contribution: $2,000

- Indiegogo: $19,000

- Ugandan Mobile Money: $4,000

Where you can donate

- Indiegogo: Click HERE 

- To donate via mobile money see flyer below:

NB: If you can't afford to contribute financially; please kindly share details above (Indiegogo link + Mobile Money details) on social media, word of mouth etc.


- Fundraising: November 1st - December 5th
- Entries for submissions will open: January 1st - January 31st
- The Jury will shortlist ten scripts and filmmakers.
- Interviews with each shortlisted filmmaker will be conducted in mid February
- Final selection of five filmmakers end of February.
- Production begins in April.

Concluding Thoughts

This initiative is on brand for Kemiyondo. It's so her. She is no stranger to elevating the arts in Uganda. Three years ago, she not only wrote, directed and starred in Kyenvu with an all-Ugandan cast and crew, but also started A Ka Dope, a platform in the form of events that allows Ugandan artists to showcase their talent.

Film is a very powerful medium to convey messages and tell stories that need to be told. Projects like Fivefor 5 are important as they afford Ugandan female filmmakers a platform to be seen and better yet, tell their stories that many of us can relate to  and learn from because you can't be what you don't see; thus representation and inclusion matter.

Kemiyondo strikes me as someone who doesn't wait for the "perfect time" / "perfect opportunity" to get the ball rolling. She works with whatever resources she has at her disposal, be it her knowledge, platform, network etc, to help others while working hard to achieve her own dreams too. Hence, if we rise by lifting others was a person; it would be Kemiyondo. She epitomises that. She's building and living a purpose-driven life that not only benefits her but also others - she takes others along with her. Love to see it!
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