Ugandan-American Jessica Nabongo Becomes The First Black Woman To Travel To Every Country In The World!

Remember that ambitious lady we told you about  here, whose quest was to become the first Black woman to travel to all countries in the world? Well, she did it. She darn did it.

Ugandan-American entrepreneur, traveler and writer, Jessica Nabongo is the first Black woman to visit every country in the world. Yes, all 195 countries.

The multi-faceted Nabongo kicked off her mission in 2016 and never held back. On October 6th 2019, she  finally set foot in Seychelles where she wrapped up her quest.

"Welcome to the Seychelles!! Country 195 of 195! So much to say but for now I will just say thank you to this entire community for all of your support. This was our journey and thanks to all of you who came along for the ride!! Thanks to the 54 people that are here celebrating with me in Seychelles with the gorgeous backdrop of the @thehresortseychelles with the planning expertise of @vividvibeseventplanning! Last night was unreal and I'm so grateful. My heart is full!!!,"  she wrote on an instagram post.

Nabongo was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to Ugandan immigrants. She says she "remembers daydreams of foreign lands and a life of wander after her first international trip to London and Uganda at the age of six. Today, she travels the world and is passionate about sharing her experiences in countries that have typically low rates of tourism."

"In 2015, I built my company, Jet Black , a boutique travel firm that focuses on tourism in Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Over the nearly three years since its founding, I have been able to take more than 100 people on trips to Haiti, Cuba, Colombia, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, and most recently Senegal. My passion in truly in showing people new places and helping them to see how small the world truly is," she added.

As if travelling to every corner of the world isn't enough; Nabongo has also done a stellar job of documenting and curating her adventures on instagram
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