Meet Ivorian Student O’Plerou Grebet, Who's Paying Homage To African Culture By Creating African Emojis

O’Plérou Grebet. Photo Credit: Haby Niakaté

O’Plerou Grebet, is an Ivorian inventor of Zouzoukwa Africa emojis, who has created more than 300 downloadable emoji depicting African culture.

He decided to create emojis in the likeness of Africans because he wanted Africans to  have emojis to relate to, hence the emoji concept is inspired by Ivorian culture and general day to day things in society at large. 

The 21-year-old launched the project in January 2018 expecting it to do well but he never anticipated the amount of success it has achieved so far. 
Zouzoukwa African emojis portray different facets of African life ranging from dark-skinned African people to African dishes and objects like the Afro comb, brooms, firewood and traditional wear among others.

Zouzoukwa, which means “image” in the Bété language, was first acknowledge when he won the Young Talent Award at Africa Digital Communication Days for his invention. He has since collaborated with Canal+, a French channel, which used some of his creations on social media networks during the soccer World Cup in June and July. In addition, he also collaborated with an Ivorian brand of clothing and accessories.

The award-winning inventor wants to learn about 3D design and virtual reality in order to sharpen his skills and create filters whilst paying homage to African culture.

Zouzoukwa emojis can be downloaded HERE. For more information, follow creativorian on instagram or
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