Sho Madjozi Pens Heartfelt Love Letter To Her Hair

Apart from her work, it is hard to hear the name Sho Madjozi and not think of her ever-so fly braids.

The South African rapper, poet, writer, and overall care free Black girl is the covergirl on the August hair edition of Cosmopolitan South Africa.

In the latest issue, the Huku hitmaker, who is known for her alluring signature braids talks about her hair, how personal her relationship with it is, and also pens a heartfelt letter to her crown.

Sho Madjozi is a socio-cultural disruptor, and one of the most important artists on the African continent at the moment - simply because she epitomises authenticity and brilliance. Her presence is relevant for the culture; a force to be reckoned with. She is undoubtedly one to keep watching because she's only getting started. 

It should be noted that at the core of her creativity is writing, she is a writer first before any of her other talents. 

The heartfelt letter entitled 'Love Letter To My Hair reads:

Dear Hair,
I a m sorry for trying to iron you flat. 
I know now that shrinkage is you hugging yourself tightly because you're all you've got in this straight world. 
I am learning to love you curly, and gently, and cool.
I love you in two strands, twisting around each other in a dance. 
I love you free, standing up for yourself, but I love you most in lines, woven in three with the Holy Spirit  in between. 
Sho Madjozi

Watch as she narrates it below:


Photo & Video Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africe

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