Black No Sugar: A Web Talk Show By Ugandan Women Using The Digital Revolution To Disrupt The Media Industry With Compelling Content

Black No Sugar Hosts L-R: Elizabeth Kemigisha, Joanitah Nvannungi Nalubega and Yvonne Adikini

Digitisation has played a very important role in disrupting numerous spaces in the 21st century.  From decolonising content, to shaking patriarchy tables; digitisation has fostered the creation of more avenues for representation of minority groups - predominantly in the form of gender and race.

As a result of digitisation, digital platforms have not only cultivated a space for representation in the form of gender  and race but also in diversity of opinion; more than traditional mainstream platforms such as newspapers, radio and television.

On our radar is the ever so captivating Black No Sugar, an insightful web talk show by Ugandan women that is using the digital revolution to disrupt the media industry with compelling content. 

Produced and directed by Patricia Kigula, Black No Sugar is unapologetic, uncensored, uncomfortable conversations web talk show on YouTube hosted by three Ugandan women: Elizabeth Kemigisha (Lawyer), Joanitah Nvannungi Nalubega (Industrial Chemist & Tech Leadership) and Yvonne Adikini (Construction Industry Professional).


Black No Sugar is a highly influential web talk show, with topics penetrating into Ugandan urban consciousness, exploring sensationalistic social justice issues in our society, navigating the minefield of career and office politics and more.

Show Structure

The show is structured in a laid back talk show format made up of a panel led by the three hosts, and in each episode they are joined by someone who is well-versed in a particular field to unpack the topic for the day.

One of the most intriguing things about the show is how all the three hosts have distinct personalities which adds more texture to the show - and makes it more captivating to watch how they navigate different topics. Their diverse opinions speak to a multi-faceted audience and that is powerful and refreshing.

Concluding Thoughts

The current digital village has enabled content creators within under represented groups to tell their stories their way - and to say this is powerful would be an understatement. Thanks to technology, one does not have to be in a specific country to enjoy local content. Platforms like YouTube have given many stories a voice; and some of these stories are those of Black Women. Technology is revolutionising content consumption and I'm are so here for it.

Black No Sugar is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air; one of the best content platforms to come out of Uganda. They are dispelling the common narrative, where Ugandan mainstream platforms have mastered the art of men only panels aka 'menals' - some even go as far a discussing women's issues. (the nerve?!)

A well-researched show hosted by informed smart women with diverse views. Black No Sugar is an enlightening treat; they articulate your views that you may not necessarily know how to convey; each episode is worthwhile. As an avid viewer for a year now, I can safely say, I beam with pride knowing it's spearheaded by Ugandan Women. What a time to be alive! May Black No Sugar sore to greater horizons.

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Credit: Black No Sugar
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