New ⁦Podcast Series, 'Umoya' Explores African Spirituality In The 21st Century Within The Realms Of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Umoya: On African Spirituality is a new podcast hosted by two South African women; Athambile Masola and Milisuthando Bongela on Kaya FM every second Thursday at 13:00.

"Umoya is a weekly podcast that seeks to share the various modes and influences of spiritual practice in our lives and work. We want to understand how modern Africans are thinking about their sense of being and belong. Who are we? What makes us human? And to explore these questions within the realms of indigenous knowledge systems. Yintoni ubuNtu ngezintsuku? What is the role of love and spiritual identity in the aftermath of apartheid? While the conversations would encompass universal principles of spiritual practice, we are particularly interested in excavating the numinous values and practices of African Spirituality."

The inaugural episode launched on Wednesday, 20th February featuring South African poet laureate, freedom fighter, healer and cultural activist, Ntate Mongane Wally Serote, who joined the hosts in exploring the idea of National Healing at Freedom Park Museum.

As the digital village we live in continues to evolve and expand, more platforms of expression keep emerging, especially platforms that delve into pertinent African issues. Much as we are still calling on the decolonization of the internet, I love Africans who still continue to use avenues to revolutionize content through exploring different narratives while using the internet as a repository for access.

Umoya: On African Spirituality is one of those imperative platforms whose existence is great for dialogue, not only to South Africans but their fellow Africans too, be it on the continent or in the diaspora. The kind of content we need and should not sleep on as African people because our spiritual health and nourishment are of the essence.

Catch Umoya every second Thursday at 13:00 on Kaya FM. You can also listen and download episodes via their iono channel HERE.

Photo Credit: Victor Dlamini | Kaya FM

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