Keewu Production/Lagardère Studios & Spoof Media Greenlight The Production Of Area Daddy; A Story Of A Retired Military Man Who Remains Firmly Rooted In The Tradition And Nostalgia Of The Ancient Glories Of His Generation

One of the winning projects of Digital Lab Africa’s first edition will be co-produced by Keewu Production/Lagardère Studios (France/Sénégal) and Spoof Media (Nigeria) .

With his project Area Daddy, Ayodele Elegba (CEO of Spoof Media) won the first edition of the Digital Lab Africa in the transmedia category in 2016. He has since been supported and mentored by Alexandre Rideau (director of Keewu Production) as they work together on the concept of a humorous animation series about today's urban Africa through intergenerational conflict within a middle-class family.

In 2017 they produced a pilot episode of Area Daddy as part of the Digital Lab Africa incubation programme of Ayodele Elegba. The duo presented the pilot at the Annecy International Animation Festival and are now launching a half-season production in French and English for the web and a large African audience aged 12-25. 10 episodes of 6 minutes will thus take shape, co-produced by Keewu Production and Spoof Media.

Area Daddy web series
The generation gap in the average African family is often due to differences of opinions and lifestyles of more traditional parents and their children faced with modernity and changing social norms. Area Daddy brings these issues to the screen in the form of a cartoon. Area Daddy tells the story of a retired military man, Col. Koko, who remains firmly rooted in the tradition and nostalgia of the ancient glories of his generation. Every day, he does his best as head of the family, a task made difficult in our time of social upheaval and technological advances.

Keewu Production (Lagardère studios group) is a label created in 2012 by Alexandre Rideau. Based in Senegal, Keewu extends its activity to French-speaking countries. The identification and training of African talent is at the heart of Keewu's work, whose productions tell the continent's stories while providing the public with useful insights into contemporary issues.

Created by Ayodele Elegba, Spoof Media is a Nigerian animation studio dedicated to making world class multi-media products.
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