Ndabuko Ntuli: Umlayezo Kamkhulu Wami Exhibition

By Chloe Carelse

The Melrose Gallery opened their doors in 2016. Homed inside their beautifully, modern contemporary space they showcase exceptional African artworks. With renowned artists such as Esther Mahlangu, Clint Strydom and Ndabuko Julukani Ntuli presenting their work there, they have stayed true to their sincerely African aesthetic.

It is Ndabuko's exhibition, Umlayezo Kamkuhulu Wami that is to follow in the Galleries calendar and there seems to be much excitement about it.

Ndabuko, is diverse in his professions being a musician, a prominent sangoma, an artist and even boasting the title of royalty. Within his visual art itself, he also shows a great array of material variation and artistic techniques in his work.

He is one of the few black artists who paints with a palette knife. He takes pride in his traditions and he portrays this through his art. In fact, in his latest work the influence of traditional Zulu design is evident through his use of colours and geometric patterns.
Ndabuko says that his grandfather appeared before him, in a dream and discussed the importance of his artwork and the materials that he uses to bring forth those ideas. He therefore gave his collection the title of, My Grandfather's Message.

In his latest exhibition, he uses junk as his main tool. The main philosophy behind this being that if one can respect something that is regarded as junk, you respect anything, or anyone.

It was his grandfather, a prolific sculptor who not only inspired Ndabuko’s latest exhibition, but who also introduced him to art at a young age. At a later stage in his life, he found himself learning new artistic skills at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and ever since his artworks have been showcased in various galleries around the world. If you would like to go see his work for yourself, it will be on exhibition from the 18th of May up to the 3rd of June.

His artworks are bold in the way that they evoke an emotional response. With the direct eye contact you feel some connection to the artwork and admire the fact that something that was once considered so ugly can be so beautiful. I however am no expert on all things art related, so I urge you to go have a look for yourself and share your opinions thereof.

Photo Credit: The Melrose Gallery
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