Trevor Noah Launches Foundation For Orphans And Vulnerable Youth

Photo: Trevor Noah Foundation

South African international comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah has launched a foundation in his name.  The Trevor Noah Foundation is a non-profit organisation that equips orphans and vulnerable youth with the education, life skills, and social capital necessary to pursue further opportunity upon graduating high school or matric.

The official launch was held today and hosted by prolific South African radio and talk show host Anele Mdoda.

The foundation's vision is a South Africa that advances because each generation excels beyond its predecessor. In order for this to happen, youth require the tools, skills, and pathways to opportunity required to improve their lives and catalyze change in their communities. With an estimated 3.7 million orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa and youth unemployment rates at an all time high, it’s their goal to prevent the most vulnerable from slipping through the cracks.

What they do:  investing in three priority areas: psycho-social support, skills development, and career guidance. By partnering with government schools, researching innovative approaches, and mobilizing philanthropic capital, with the hope to drive sustainable change that improves the lives of the most vulnerable youth in South Africa.

In a tweet shared by TNF on twitter, Noah said, "Fundamentally, the foundation is going to bridge the gap between learners and the education they deserve. We are going to look for people who are already pushing, and we are going to help them push. Many hands can make light work".

Technology giant Microsoft is one of the organization's partners. 
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