African Natural Hair Festivals To Look Out For

Photo: The Nigerian Natural Hair Festival
In the past few years we have witnessed a tremendous rise in natural hair communities. A number of Black Women have ditched hair relaxers and weaves for their nappy crowns. This has sparked an interest in learning and understanding their hair; that maintaining their hair in its natural state does not mean it's less than as we have been indoctrinated to believe for hundreds of years.

One of the significant contributors in the natural hair movement are the booming natural hair festivals. These gatherings serve as a platform to educate, empower, and overall enlightenment and sharing of information about natural hair. From maintenance regimen shared in form of panel discussions, to one-on-one interactions with fellow natural hair heads, product suggestions and so forth. The events often feature people such as natural hair bloggers, transitioning sisters, people eager to learn more about natural hair and various exhibitors of beauty and relevant natural hair products.

That said, all these events' objective is to restore pride in African women and educating them about taking care of their crowns.  As the natural hair movement continues to expand, here are four natural hair festivals across Africa that you should know about.

Cape Town Natural Hair Fest - South Africa
Launched in 2016, the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest is one of the biggest natural hair events in South Africa not to mention Southern Africa as a whole. It is a one day event held annually in the beautiful Cape Town. The day is a celebration of natural hair and beauty, self-love, and embracing what makes one unique.

The Nigerian Natural Hair Fest - Nigeria
The Nigerian Natural Hair Fest as it is known is a premium event organised by a support group called The Nigerian Hair Babes (NHB); currently the largest natural hair group on Facebook with over 236,468 members. The platform exceeds Nigerian boundaries, and servers as a global support group where they promote and encourage one another on their natural hair journey. The group also boasts a paperback magazine; 'Kink Revolution' which was launched in 2016 to reach women who are offline.  Their events are held in numerous Nigerian cities.

Hairitage Festival -  Kenya
Hairitage is Kenya's leading natural hair festival hosted by Nurtured Knotts, a natural hair group whose aim is to celebrate diversity in hair, beauty and natural well being of individuals. With a recently concluded fourth edition, Hairitage 2018 was themed ‘Own Your Culture’, paying homage to Kenya's rich heritage made up of 43 tribes and documenting each cultural group's diversity. 

Afro Kurl Fest - Liberia
Dubbed the ultimate natural hair experience, Afro Kurl Fest is Liberia's sought-after event for natural hair lovers. It's aim is to provide the Liberian natural hair community with a supportive, inspiring and educational experience by celebrating and showcasing natural beauty, especially natural hair. The event features activities such as natural hair chat, vendors sale points, gift bags, live performances amongst others.

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