Nandi Madida’s Clothing Line To Debut At New York Fashion Week

We’re barely into 2018 and the likes of Nandi Nadida are already getting the ball rolling.  What a remarkable way to start the year? That's the spirit, right?
South African singer, songwriter and television presenter, Nandi Madida will be showcasing her clothing line, ‘Colour’ at New York Fashion Week in February.

The media darling took to social media to announce the good news in which she expressed, “It gives me so much joy to announce that I have been invited to showcase my ready to wear clothing line Cołour and participate at New York Fashion Week, Oxford Fashion Studio next month fall/winter.”

We were first introduced to her clothing line in June 2016 at the BET awards red carpet where she was spotted wearing a piece from her fashion label. The look was received with great reviews and was featured on best dressed lists by leading international publications.

Nandi Madida at the 2016 BET Awards

Nandi later launched Colour at AFI Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg in August 2016 in collaboration with designer, Inga Madyibi.

I’m glad she has run with the global exposure and has not looked back. Usually, most brands would establish themselves locally with future plans to expand internationally, she’s doing it the other way round which is thrilling.

From BET awards red carpet to showcasing at New York Fashion Week; talk about maximizing opportunities. Way to go, Nandi. 
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