Digital ​Lab ​Africa​ Calls For Next-Gen ​Content Categorized Under Web​ Creation,​Virtual​ Reality,​ Video​ Game,​ Animation & Digital ​Music

On 25 October, Digital Lab Africa (DLA), the reference platform for tomorrow’s content in Africa unveiled its call for application #2 at DISCOP Johannesburg.

Digital Lab Africa is a springboard and an incubation platform for African talent in digital initiated by the Embassy of France & French Institute in South Africa (IFAS), as part of their ongoing support to the creative​ industries ​in ​​the​Sub-Saharan​African​ region.

The DLA call for projects #2 is open to any professional or individual from Sub-Saharan Africa - having an innovative project in 5 categories of multimedia production: ​web creation​,​ virtual reality​,​animation​, video​game​ and ​​digital ​music​.

Winning projects will get the chance to win a cash prize and a DLA Incubation Pass to support the project’s development over 3 to 6 months in 2018. The DLA Pass will include mentorship and project development support by leading industry partners in each category. Additionally, the DLA pass will comprise residence time in France within a digital cluster and participation in benchmark multimedia events. The expected outcome of Digital Lab Africa is market-ready content/productions showcasing African​creativity​at​its​best.

During the first edition, DLA received +500 entries from over 30 Sub-Saharan African countries. Five projects from South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Congo have been awarded and set to score on the global​stage​thanks​to​DLA ​incubation ​programme.

NB: Digital Lab Africa is looking for projects at initial stage of development, in need of partners and financial support​ and​ innovative in terms​ of narration,​ content​ or technologies.

Deadline:​ ​25​ ​February​ ​2018

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