Be Careful What You Wish For: AKA X Anatii

By Tshegofatso Dladla

2017 has to be the best year for South African hip hop music, many head bopping projects were released this year in the motherland. Since 2015 when the saga dropped, we as AKA and Anatii fans were disappointed when 80K hit the fan and we thought it was over until a rumour, turned announcement hit our timelines that the Electronic Bushman and Supermega Doro were going to finally release a project together and I must say, they did not disappoint! Side Note: It was very convenient that the two decided to release the debut album song, Don’t Forget to Pray, on the same day as Cassper Nyovest’s Thuto.

“I know we just saved the day.”
The album dropped on the 28th of July 2017, 10 tracks and the whole project accumulates to 39 minutes. The project is full of ear drumming beats and bars enough to fill a magician's hat.

The two added a lot of singing and catchy hooks in the album, we heard kwaito beats, beats in reverse and a touch of gospel. Most of the album is a spiritual journey, AKA and Anatii show that they believe their blessings come from sacrifices, drama and hard work. We went slightly too far in our discussion and we found that there’s a film, The Holy Mountain released in 1973, in order for one to understand the film they need to watch it at least 5 times which could be what AKA and Anatii want us to do, on the first listen you get very confused with all the different beats, a ton of auto-tune and then a gospel song at the end. All of this is too much to handle in one listen maybe you need to listen to it more if you don’t really appreciate this body of work. On this album AKA showed all his competitors that he paid the price to be the main man, referencing his past struggles and he highlights that he will not stop until he reaches GOAT level.

1. Bryanston Drive
The album begins with a little bit of motivation, with AKA telling the listeners that it’s all in the mind, one just has to keep their eyes on the prize and they will reach GOAT level. AKA spoke of his struggles with his single mother and the trials of an upcoming hip-hop artist.

2. 10 Fingers
10 Fingers is the second song that the two have worked on together, this song brought on the rumours of a potential collaboration project that we’ve been praying for since The Saga. Xylophone in the background, Styrofoam filled to the brim, while smoking loud that you can hear from the corridor. This song ended the beef between AKA and Anatii.

3. PSALM.1000
This must be the most confusing song on the whole album, the song is 53 seconds long and is an interlude that is inaudible and since we haven’t had an explanation from the duet on this song we came up with the following: the first inaudible voices in the back are most definitely Xhosa or Zulu, it is a short speech made by someone who is speaking of something spiritual, we don’t know what but maybe one day we will get an explanation. 
AKA comes in after 30 seconds, still inaudible, telling those who are listening that “You can’t keep me down.”Psalm.1000 could possibly be a prayer that blesses the rest of the album.

4. How You Like Me Now!/?
“Need a safe for my accolades I ran out of space like a satellite.”
The song includes a lot of flossing and flaunting of what they have made in their careers, they aren't aiming for the charts anymore they just want people to appreciate what they make, they aren’t in it for the spotlight but How You Like Them Now!/?

5. Camps Bay 3
This song has the best vibe of the whole project. This is a love song, as highlighted in the chorus, “I can’t function when we fight.” The lyrics in this track are explaining the ups and downs of relationships and the hope that love can hold anything together even if it's too big to handle in a relationship.

6. Holy Mountain
Holy Mountain is an explanation of the blessings the two have collected over the years and the higher power that they serve. The Electronic Bushman handles his flow to the point where we think this song only features him. He explains how his growth and blessings from the Holy Fountain that flows from the Holy Mountain have him different from the sexy chubby he used to be. It’s all changed for him now since he’s dealing with a whole new level of “Stocko” since he treats your girl like a jockey. AKA had an impact on the song, but Anatii handled it for both.

7. Don’t Forget to Pray
This was the debut song for the album, released on the same day as Thuto, the song was first played on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio on the Ebro Show, this must be the best song on the project. AKA declares that he is a superhero and has come to save South African hip-hop from all the terrible music that has been released over the years, this could definitely be shade thrown at Cassper’s Thuto.

8. Angelz
Anatii reminds us that the devil used to be an angel and fell because he was allowing his ego to control him. The song speaks on ego and how you will only have the ego here on earth, when it’s your time you will wish the money, you allowed to control you, could accompany you to the pearly gates.

9. Jesus Plug
This is the gospel song that had everybody wondering if this album was a Colouring Book rendition from AKA and AnatiiAKA praises Jesus by explaining that he is his plug, AKA is high off the love of Jesus. This was a great summary of the whole album and it’s the best conclusion to the speculations we all had when we heard that on every song prior to this song a higher power is praised. AKA. and Anatii use different accents, Jamaican and Nigerian specifically, the reason for this would be that since the Jamaicans and Nigerians have a strong belief in a higher power it only makes sense to use those accents on a hip-hop/gospel song.

10. The Saga
80K beat, Balmain jeans, UJ girls and a lot of ice. This song is the reason why we prayed for the collaboration album, if you do not know or understand this song, it’s late for you.
This project is a definite listen, at least two tracks on this album should be in your playlist.
(AKA and Anatiiif your'e reading this keep up the good work champs. :)
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