By Tshegofatso Dladla

On Saturday, 07 October 2017, I attended #VYBZ3. I wasn’t there for long but I could tell the culture is embedded in the people who were hosting the event. It was held at Mthubi The Hub in Hatfield. Before my departure I had the opportunity to speak to art activist, Sallie Maloka, she is the co-founder of the NPO Mthubi The Hub.

Mthubi The Hub is an art hub that welcomes all artists in their respective fields to come and be a part of the family. The family mission is to keep pushing the culture of free-form art in South Africa and making it profitable. Sallie referred to Jay-Z’s interest in art and that it can and will create a revenue, our artwork should be worth something in the long run.

I bought some artwork for one million 
Two years later, that shit worth two million 
A Few years later, that shit worth eight million 
I can’t wait to give this shit to my children — Jay Z

As we’ve seen in the past 10 years art in South Africa has begun an incline in association with big brands and sponsorships have flooded in. We started with the appreciation of street art, graffiti, and in years to come South African artists will be showcasing their art to the world in places such as the Gagosian in Paris. 

Despite the fact that it is not easy to determine the worth of an art piece made by someone unknown, there will one day be ways of regulation and South Africa will have the best-renowned artists in the world during that time.
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