A Fusion Of Maasai Culture & Sci-Fi: How Kenyan Digital Artist, Jacque Njeri Imagined The Maasai Would Look Like In Space

We all have different kinds of imagination that run through our head but for some it all ends at that; for example someone like me who's got two left hands when it comes to art or all things drawing-related be it good old drawing or digital art. I can't even put together a mere "simple" sketch. Luckily that'ts not the case for Jacque Njeri.

Kenyan digital artist, Jacque Njeri is known for her brilliant artwork. She took to Instagram to share her latest work which depicts her imagination of how the Maasai would look in space. She dubbed this project Maa-Sci, a fusion of Maasai culture, futurism and sci-fi.

For those of you wondering what/who is the Masaai, the Masaai are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They inhabit the African Great Lakes region.

The Maa-Sci project comes after her equally impressive 'Stamp Series' digital art which focused on old African postage stamps with a fresh modern touch.

This is how Njeri imagined the Maasai would look like in space:

Talk about impeccable talent.  I'm so here for Maa-Sci!

You can follow her work on Instagram fruit_junkie.

Photo Credit: Jacque Njeri | Instagram
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