Katungulu Mwendwa Unveils "Work in Progress" Collection

Kenyan designer, Katungulu Mwendwa has unveiled her latest collection title "Work in Progress".

The "Work in Progress" collection is an amalgamation of Dogon architecture, sisal skirts, androgyny and explorations of self identity. Harakati Jacket and Azimio Jacket.

                                                           Harakati Jacket and Azimio Jacket

Mwendwa worked with a women's group in Makueni to develop part of the materials used in the collection. Hand loomed cotton is paired with soft Kenyan Lamb leather, silk crepe and cotton jerseys and weaves.

If you are in Nairobi, visit the Mofti store at the New Muthaiga Mall from 11am to 4pm and be the first to get your hands on their new items.

           Kwenda Sweatshirt and Fikiri Trouser

There are also a select number of very limited edition items that we have been experimenting with, including a series of shifts and shirts. Checkout their updated website www.katungulumwendwa.com for more fashion updates.
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