Meet Namibian Thought-Provoking Rapper Brain The Tool

Namibian thought provoking rapper Brain The Tool also known as the BlackAsian is consistently and steadily making his mark on the music scene. His authentic sound which resonates with life experiences coupled with a conscious mind makes him undoubtedly one of the freshest voices to come out of his native land, not to mention his lyrical prowess which is a breath of fresh air.

Finding yourself is very important because that's how you center yourself.
The 25 year-old recording and performing artist refers to himself as someone who has always been one to walk the road less traveled or not traveled at all. He is a creator, a visionary, and influential through his interpretation of what music and art can be.

The rapper's anticipated EP titled The BlackAsian: Rising Is Imminent comprises of eight tracks namely; 'Tao', 'Born Knowing', 'Let Go', 'Dappie Conqueror', 'Aya Samurai Time Travel', 'Blade To The Naval' and last but not least, 'Sleep Awake' which features South Korean artist Isco Jamal.

The BlackAsian: Rising Is Imminent project was mixed and mastered by engineer Karien "Kay Faith" Barnard who also co-produced alongside OVtxtRY.   

In an interview on Hashtag Radio, the young Emcee emphasized the importance of knowledge of self and staying true to oneself. When asked to describe his work in three words, he profoundly stated, CONSCIOUS, LIFE and EXPRESSION; further adding, "My target market is anyone who is thinking of the betterment of their life."

Brain The Tool believes finding yourself is very important because that's how you center yourself. 
He is definitely one African artist to look out for. 

You can buy The BlackAsian: Rising Is Imminent EP at

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