Introducing Wazal Couture Paris By Cameroonian Designer Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga

Paris-based Cameroonian designer Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga's Wazal Couture Paris is progressively penetrating the fashion scene.

Founded in 2005, the fashion brand's sole motive entails conceiving of a brand unique of its kind, appealing to fashion lovers that yearn for quality in diversity. Every single outfit they make tells a distinct story that comes to life once it’s worn by our clients. We believe in professionalism and hard work most importantly in the production of astounding wears suitable for any individual.

WCP uses noble and quality materials were used in this collection, including first choice wax (Africanprint) from Senegal and Mali.

Though Wazal Couture can be considered predominantly male clothing line, there exist a female
brand in the pipeline slowly gaining in strength and it’s been baptized Wazallione. This female
brand comes in to compliment the already existing powerful male brand Wazal, still with a street
style edge.

Their latest collection is a blend of multiple colors like black, orange, blue, ecru and various
others. The fashion house often works with cotton, fleece,denim, wax, the Milano, leather and synthetic fur under various grounds.

The ready to wear designsare available at:
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