Bheki Mashaba: Young, African And Making Things Happen

Bheki Mashaba
Last week, I had a lovely insightful conversation with an incredible 22-year-old. His name is Bheki Mashaba; he is a young serial entrepreneur, a final year student at the University of Cape Town, and the founder and  director of Barnsly Sports Company, Bheki's Car Wash, co-founder and  director of Creatives United, LIMS and Executive Director of M.A.IT Consultants.

In addition to being a student and entrepreneur, Bheki is also a blogger for Leadership2020, soon to be published author of a book titled, Perception: South African Youth as well as an inspirational speaker and founder of The Dreamers Club Foundation - a Facebook page and an website where they share inspiring stories, book reviews and book recommendations.

We live in a world where the education system is designed to producer job seekers as opposed to job makers, however, the likes of Bheki are defying that narrative. At the tender age of 22, he is Young, African And Making Things Happen!

Listen to his story...

Audio Credit: Hashtag Radio
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