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#AfricaMonthTalks: "My African Identity Is Not Up For Maintenance Or Repair, It Stands Strong"- Says Africa's First Ever Next Top Model Aamito

We wrap up our #AfricaMonthTalks feature with Africa's first ever Next Top Model, Aamito Lagum. The New York based Ugandan model spared some time from her busy supermodel career lifestyle to share her views on African Identity Meets Urban Culture in the Digital Era. 

What's your current state of mind about Africa? 

We are getting better. The potential that lies within African youth is literally unmatched. Their publicity however is underwhelming. It was publicity that enabled the world to see my potential. I believe publicity is what Africa needs to do better. 
My African identity is not up for maintenance or repair, it stands strong.
What does it mean to live in a global village with access to technology? 

It is a blessing that rides in with its set of curses. While we are able to have worldwide information within the reach of our thumbs, there is also a loss of individuality as most in an attempt to fit in with trends or fads create stereotypes and lose themselves.

How do you maintain your African identity in the urban sphere?

Well, by being myself and being so unapologetically. I consider my body a representation of Africa on the world stage and as such I use it to preach the message of Africa; that we are bold, talented and unashamed. In the event other people are uncomfortable with that, I gladly remind them that their insecurities are their own entitlement and not mine. My African identity is not up for maintenance or repair, it stands strong.

How are you using social media currency to impact not only your personal life but YOUR Africa? 

Being African is a status. We should never be sorry about. That is what I want the rest of Africa to know and acknowledge. That is how my social media is put to use.

What makes you proudly African? 

My Acholi culture and its cuisine; its culture encourages strong entrepreneurial women and its cuisine besides being healthy, tastes divine. The Acholi are part of the Luo ethnic group. 

Your dream for Africa? 

 My dream for Africa is an Africa in which opportunities are available to all the young talents within the continent; an Africa in which leadership is not a money making entity but an opportunity to serve. 

How would you like to be Remembered?

I want my legacy to be that I created an opportunity for and helped girls like me from all over the world, not just Africa, to shine on the world stage.

Follow her on the following social media platforms:

Facebook Page: Aamito 
Instagram and Twitter: @Aamito_Lagum

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