The Great And Mighty Wall: A Children's Book Based On Yoruba Queen Bilikisu Sungbo

It is no secret that Africa is made up of rich cultures and with such comes great stories of our history as a continent. However clued up one may be, there is always that one African story you get to hear for the first time; simply because our continent's stories are endless and we LOVE it. My latest obsession is an infomercial for a children's book titled, The Great And Mighty Wall, a film based on a true story about a Yoruba Queen named Bilikisu Sungbo, presented by Black History Studies Productions.

According to Black History Studies, The Great and Mighty Wall is a unique and interesting tale of Bilikisu Sungbo and the construction of the earthen wall in Eredo, of South Western Nigeria. They also express how Panyin Ewusi-Aikins' superb illustrations, together with Mark Simpson's masterful storytelling, will enthral children and adults alike, as they learn about one of Africa's hidden treasures. Mark and Panyin have utilised their creative license to fill in the missing information, in order to link the facts together, to make this historical achievement more enjoyable to read and understand for all people of all ages. Peep the visuals below:


 You can purchase the book here.
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