Riky Rick Wraps Up Family Values With Short Film Titled 'Exodus'

South African rapper Riky Rick is one of the most consistent creatives when it comes to visuals.
He has been serving us well told stories through visuals, to sum it up, he takes visuals for his work very seriously.

Following his quality videos, it was only a matter of time until he went the film route. Exodus, is the latest offering from Riky and his debut film is a wrap up of his debut album, Family Values, which received a great reception and rotational airplay. The short film celebrates a close relationship between art, music and film.

 The Boss Zonke rapper told youth channel Vuzu, "I hope movies like this will spark other kids to start thinking creatively about their art and what they present out there. I have always looked to be A+ in terms of visuals."

 In case you missed the film's official launch and various screenings, watch full movie here:

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