Nigerian Linguist Creates Multilingual Keyboard

Another day, another brand new innovation. We are not complaining though.

A Nigerian Linguist, Adebunmi Adeniran, has created a multilingual keyboard known as Nailags, designed to enable typing in 12 Nigerian languages. One of the objectives behind the creation is to prevent Nigerian languages from extinction.

Adeniran elaborates, "The concept for Nailags started out of the desire to find a good working and stress free Yoruba keyboard to type in as using the characters in ‘insert’ mode was like living in the ice age,” explains the passionate linguist. “With Nailags keyboard, there is no need to switch from one computer to another because once it is downloaded, one is able to type in English and it can be made bilingual due to the nature of Nigerians who mostly speak more than one language."

The innovator further added, "Coming back to Nigeria from the UK in the last one month has been an eye opener, while the children over there are itching to speak our languages, whether Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba, I find it very painful that I have to come to Nigeria and the children are not being taught our own language."

In addition to the keyboard, Adeniran has also created a website that teaches Yoruba language while working in partnership with several Yoruba after-school clubs in Lagos to teach learners Yoruba. 

Nailangs keyboard is available for download on Google Playstore, the iOS store and Windows.

If only this would spread over the continent to promote the use of our indigenous languages.

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