My Experience At The Cape Town Hair & Beauty Show 2015

Two weeks ago, we were treated to a good time at the Cape Town's Hair and Beauty Show. The two-day event was hosted at the Look Out at the V&A Waterfront on 21-22 November; bringing hair and beauty experts as well as upcoming fashion designers and gurus to celebrate all things beauty and fashion. This year also marked the 2nd edition of the event which was launched last year in November at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Upon arrival, as VIP guests, we were treated to goodie bags that had some of the most popular oils and beauty treatments on the market. Due to life and it's unexpected timing, I couldn't make it on the scheduled time which was 10am; this also meant I was going to miss the Curlfriend Sessions hosted by TheMandyEx and moderated by SA natural hair bloggers and entrepreneurs, MzansiFro and Silkelmetlady.  I almost cancelled because they were the very reason I accepted my invitation.  As if that's not enough, my phone and camera decided to act like spoilt brats.
Anyway, I decided to go, hoping to instead meet natural hair exhibitors. Having attended last year, I had a few things in question. NATURAL HAIR representation. As a naturalista, just like last year, my main objective was to attend all natural hair related exhibitions which to my disappointment wasn't the case.  Well, with the exception of Argan and Moroccan oil (#UsualSuspects), I expected to learn more about natural hair products better yet be introduced to new ones. 
Some of the goodies we received

After looking around with no feature of nappy hair related exhibitors, I was thinking of leaving, because patience levels on 0%. Luckily, after arriving an hour later, The Curlified Sessions were running behind schedule; so we managed to attend the long awaited session (Yay). I was ecstatic!

The three ladies did a great job which comprised of sharing their natural hair journeys, their go-to hair products, routines, why they transitioned and also did various tests with some of the attendees, trying out before and after moments with certain hair products.  Even though some of their experiences were similar to mine, I felt I couldn't entirely relate. I mean if you know what typical kinky hair is, compared to mixed race hair, you will understand.  They spoke of shrinking which happens with both hair textures but there's is still a difference. Either way, it was good to know that even with our different textures, we still share some similar stories as natulistas.

We were then treated to a fashion show by the Design Academy of Cape Town, a showcase from 3rd year students which was quite impressive.

The view from the venue

This experience was a humble reminder and an eye opener on the natural hair community. It had me questioning the existence of black hair products. Most of  my interactions and discussions with fellow nappy heads have always given me this impression that we are this 'big' community.  I'm I delusional or there is just not enough hair products dedicated to black hair? Or natural hair exhibitors were invited but couldn't make it due to Lord knows why or they weren't invited at all?

Apart from lack of diversity, it was a well organised/well attended fun event which saw hair &beauty and fashion lovers in Cape Town have a good time learning about various hair products on the market; not to mention the atmosphere. The venue set the pace; I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a beautiful ocean view with a pop of fashion, beauty, good music and networking?

Overall a lovely event it was. Well done to the organisers, you outdid yourselves nonetheless.
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