Best Of The Web: Africans Weigh in on #IfAfricaWasABus

Regardless of what time of the year it is, there's never a dull moment on twitter streets.It is holiday time; meaning most people are busy getting ready for Christmas basking in the festive season's greatness while spending quality time with their loved ones however, there is another group of people that still balance it out and keep up with the interweb. On Monday, Africans took to twitter to share their views following the hashtag #IfAfricaWasABus. Sounds interesting, right? Here are some of the tweets that had us chuckle.

This one about Tanzania is my favourite! Mambo vipi, Tanzania :)

As much as these views are just for laughs, there is some truth to them, to a certain extent. You know as humans, we have our reservations about each other, we may not say them out loud but when an occasion arises, we express what we think about each other and #IfAfricaWasABus sums up how these Africans think of these nationalities. It could be based on personal experiences or shared stories.
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