How To Become An Actor

So you want to be the next big actor but don't know how?

There is a misconception that acting is easy, people just wake up and boom, they are the best actor/actress. It is a myth. Like any profession, acting is a JOB therefore one needs to put their best foot forward and excel at it.

Just like lawyers and doctors are expected to deliver so are thespians.  Now that we have cleared that, here's how you can get closer to fulfilling your dream career.

Do thorough research. They say when you know better, you do better. Being informed about the industry is important; it helps you make informed decisions about your career. You can start by attending career expos. A lot of invaluable information and counselling is offered on how different industries work, pros and cons.  Ask as many questions as possible. This way, you will learn about what you're getting yourself into; whether it is for you or not.

Once you have decided acting is your career path, find out training centres offering degree/diploma/short courses. Let's face it, not everyone has the privilege to get a university degree education however, there are many ways to get training. Research institutions offering short courses.

Not every actor has acquired formal training however,  getting formal training gives you the edge and helps nurture and polish your acting skills. Of course you will learn a lot along the way, on set and through interactions behind the scenes but knowing what is expected of you saves time and helps you deliver.
You can also look out for workshops. There are some brilliant actors without any formal training but have made the best of workshops.
Invest in your craft!

Get an agent
An agent's role is to represent you and your interests to production companies castings and all your  future acting jobs. In other words, they get you work.
Do research on agencies in your area or in the city centre. There are fly-by-night bogus agencies ready to make a quick buck so you need to be careful when choosing which agency.
Express yourself to the agent and explain exactly what kind of jobs you want. It makes it easier to get you the type of roles you want. 

Attend Auditions
Auditions must be your best friend. They are that one factor you can never eliminate from your acting life. Even Lupita Nyong'o had to audition for her role as Patsy.
Both upcoming and established actors audition for their roles. They say you are as good as your last performance; while at the audition, make it count. Auditions are the platform to market your skills; there's no short cut around this. Deliver your very best!

You can never network enough. Whether you've got all the training, you need to network. It keeps you in the know of what's happening in your industry. Most times you find that people get their roles through word of mouth in form of referrals. Get yourself out there.

Be open to learning
The will to always learn is a resourceful trait. Acting requires patience, perseverance and even with all the training and experiences you have had; be open to learning.

Work hard
Work hard at perfecting your craft. While you work hard, also make sure that you work smart. There are so many hardworking people but their hard work hardly translates to anything simply because they fail to work smart. Acting requires a lot of determination, dedication, discipline and persistence.
Draw up a vision board and work around it.

Keep the PASSION for storytelling burning and never give up!!!
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