Buks Rules The World

Artist and producer, Buks, is back, with a summer hit, guaranteed to make the world of music stand up and take notice.

Fresh off the back of his last hit single, ‘The Minor Syndrome’, Buks’ new release ‘Rule The World’ fully showcases his lyrical and production talent flawlessly. The song focuses on his love & respect for the music industry and his peers before him. With a classic hip hop flow infused alongside a timeless dance & kwaito beat, Buks brings the heat!

‘Rule The World’ not only gives new and old fans a taste of Buks’ lyrical ability but also his sultry singing voice, displayed on the hook of the track.

“As with every song that I put out I want it to sound uniquely ‘me’ and say something meaningful. Also to show that there are many different places we can take hip hop music in this day and age. I chose this single because it appeals to quite a number of different people and is quite unapologetic on my behalf. I'm saying the things I want to say and need to say. Still feeling like the underdog as the love is not all the way there yet to ‘Rule The World’.” Says Buks

Download/stream link here. 
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