Luister: Documentary About Racism At University of Stellenbosch

Black students at University of Stellenbosch share their trials and tribulations in a documentary titled, Luister.

The documentary explores the lives of students of colour who attend Stellenbosch University, a South African institution of higher learning. In a series of interviews, students recount instances of racial prejudice that they continue to experience in the town of Stellenbosch, and the enormous challenges that they face due to the use of Afrikaans as a language of teaching at the university. Luister is a film about Afrikaans as.

There has always been debates on the medium of communication used at the university; these students tell their reality and how they are treated at the institution.


Watching Luister was disturbing.  Imagine trying to get an education in an institution that thrives on making it impossible. So many odds against you; how are you expected to perform?

It is painful that in present-day South Africa, such behaviour of instutionalised racism still exists which leads me to question the "Rainbow Nation" notion. What exactly is this Rainbow Nation they're talking about?

Secondly, what is the South African government doing about this situation?

I commend these students for speaking out, it couldn't have been easy. I hope those in power look into this with utter urgency.

Photo Credit: City Press 

Video Credit: Contraband Cape Town

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