Calling All Inspiring South African Businesswomen: Could You Be The Next Elle Boss?

Elle magazine South Africa is looking for inspiring South African businesswomen to be part of  The 2015 ELLE Boss Award in partnership with the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award is now open for entries.

Businesswomen with the following are advised to apply; 

Natural leader in business
Entrepreneurial and creative
Strong and determined
Intuitive and follows her instinct
Social media savvy
Risk taker
Defies convention
Financially adapt
Not afraid to ask
Thinks out of the box

How to enter
Nomination Process - Women matching the ENTREPRENEUR or CORPORATE category can either self nominate, with a mentor or manager seconding their application. Or they can be nominated, however they will need to consent to the nomination.

Nomination criteria


* Age: Not younger than 25 and not older than 45 years of age.

* Entrepreneurship: Founder/leader of a local business, driving force behind the success of the business. Displays a pioneering approach, business acumen, dynamism, innovation, audacity and tenacity.

*Financial Success: Sustained profitable growth and healthy balance sheet with a minimum turnover of R1 million. A minimum of three years in business. Not for Profit organisations will be considered, however their justification on financial performance and development will be required. Fundamental measures of success are financial viability and year on year growth.

*Corporate Social Responsibility: Genuine commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices such as environmental policies, employee benefits, workforce diversity and community schemes/relationships.

*Role Model: Mentoring, succession planning, pushing boundaries, ability to motivate others, relationship building with colleagues/employees, especially for other women.

 *Involvement in business and industry: Profile and participation in the business sector they operate in and public profile.

 *Awards or recognition as a significant achiever.

For a more detailed description click here.

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