Nigerian Creative Director & Writer, Roy Okupe Launches African Superhero Animated Film And Graphic Novel

Nigerian creative director and writer, Roye Okupe has launched his first graphic novel titled EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams, based on a superhero from Nigeria. The film was produced under YouNeek Studios, a Maryland based transmedia. 

SynopsisTricked into returning home to Nigeria after being absent for five years, Wale (pronounced Wah-leh) Williams embarks on a journey to investigate his father’s mysterious disappearance. Wale’s father, Dr. Williams, was a brilliant engineer and inventor who worked for a dubious organization called PryTeK, a global leader in technology and innovation. When Wale returns, he finds a city and country he barely recognizes; cycles of governments have passed over the years, and while the now affluent city thrives, a whole population of poverty-stricken citizens are being ignored and imperiled Over the years, corruption within the government, corruption that seemed to have been eradicated, has simply, evolved.  Read full synopsis HERE.

Okupe who has experience in film and animation says, "From the first day I laid my eyes on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons in the 80’s, I've been hooked on superheroes. Since then I've watched, played and read every single superhero related title I could lay my hands on: movies, superhero comics, manga, anime, graphic novels, superhero animated movies & series, video games etc. Then in 2008, after noticing there wasn't a lot of diversity within the genre, I decided to tell a story about a hero from Nigeria.

He further adds, "There aren't that many known/commercial African superheroes or superhero comics out there, so I decided to create. I believe people connect with the likes of Superman & Spiderman because they can relate to them, not necessarily because of their place of origin. So I created an African superhero story I believe anyone can connect to. The EXO graphic novel based on a superhero from Nigeria."

 Part 1 is due for release in 2015. 
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