Tweet Of The Day

I previously came across a tweet that was posted sometime in December. It's not about when it was posted but rather what it says, right?
This fascinating and unforgettable tweet posted by @Benogola read:

"In 2015, my friends and I are building 1 primary school per county in Kenya without government involvement or any polittan's help. #IAmMyKenya."

He further added a caption saying:

"For every RT I get for this tweet, I am putting aside $1 as the first steps towards this goal #IAmMyKenya."

What came to mind after reading this was, Imagine Africa with such an attitude. Where people don't wait for the government to provide crucial services.
Imagine Africa where people join forces for a greater good?! 

Good luck to Mr Benogola and his friends as they embark on a revolutionary journey. 

Credit: Mr Benogola  | Twitter
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