Animated African Fantasy Series 'Spider Stories' Coming Soon

Brace yourselves for an animated African fantasy series, Spider Stories.

Written and directed by brothers, John and Charles Agbaje of Elite Studios, the 11-minute pilot fantasy action series tells a story of a fearless princess who loses her kingdom and then embarks on a quest to reclaim the throne. The action cartoon inspired by African Mythology.

Princess Zahara lost her kingdom when the Hawk Tribe invaded four years ago
In a dusty corner of her nation, she now lives in hiding amongst a caravan of traveling merchants, yearning for a chance to reclaim the throne.

When the ancient Spider Spirit sends the Drummer to lead her into the spirit world, her quiet life is changed and her true identity is revealed. Empowered by mystical forces, Zahara and the drummer set out to fulfill her destiny.
The animated story is a partnership produced by Central City Tower and Animation Libation Studios.

Princess Zahara's fearlessness reminded me of Queen Nzinga of Angola.  It is refreshing to see African stories portrayed in other genres. The Spider Stories is definitely one to look out for.

Peep the trailer:


Kudos to the brains behind Spider Stories. 

Photo Credit: Spider Stories | Central City Tower

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