Lupita Nyong'o Reflects On The Year 2014

We all know 2014 has been Lupita's year. She broke boundaries, restored hope, inspired us and reminded us of why we need to dream. She even went ahead to enlighten us that no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid. Who could ever forget those words?!

As we wrap up a fruitful year for the Oscar winning-Kenyan actress, she reflects on the year that has been in a poem that reads:

This year was one of a kind,
And a kind one to me.
There was lots to be done,
And a whole lot to see.
I had family and friends,
And colleagues galore,
Now I have fans,
Plus a million and four.
You tweet and you post
And you instagram too.
You chat, comment, draw,
You just do what you do.
And though I don't answer 'Cause time is a-tickin', Know that you matter
By the posts that I'm pickin'. I keep posting 'Cause I know that you care,
And I care to post
When I know that you're there.
So this season,
Though I know your name not,
I'm happy I got you,
And that I gave what you got.
I wish for you peace,
Love, joy, laughter beams,
And in the new year,
May you live out your dreams!
(And as Dr. Seuss says:)
"If things start happening,
don't worry, don't stew,
just go right along
and you'll start happening too." Love, Lupita N.

These beautiful words wrapped in gratitude were accompanied by this equally beautiful photo:

We can only wait and see what 2015 holds for our home girl. Happy holidays to you too, Queen.

Photo Credit: Lupita Nyong'o Facebook
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