Interview: Flavia Tumusiime Talks Career, New Acting Gig, African Personalities & More

Flavia Tumusiime is one of Uganda's best media personalities and a media darling. The multi-talented actor/MC/TV & radio presenter/ voice over artist/model spoke to us about her career which spans over 10 years, her new acting role, African personalities and so much more.
Here's how our interview with the East African beauty unfolded:

Who is Flavia Tumusiime?

Flavia is a 26 year old entertainer, radio and TV personality in Uganda and pretty much the  biggest introvert and extrovert you will ever find.

Let’s take it back to the WBS days. How did you get involved in television? 

Well it was really a call to destiny since I just walked into WBS TV one morning out of boredom
really, and asked for a slot on the teens show at 14 and got the job that day, I think it chose me more than I chose it. And that's it, been working ever since.

How did you manage to transition from being a child star to a full on grown and respected media personality?

It's something I thought about a lot when I turned 18 and  had to leave the teens show, I wanted
more, I wanted every aspect of media, wanted to be the next Oprah, I got it tough when people
didn't accept me for most TV slots because I was a skinny little teenager who they couldn't let
present a show to adults so I decided to hide in radio till I guess I changed my image and that's
how I got into radio which has also become such a passion, I later got so into reading on image
and branding yourself and that’s how I built who I am.

With every industry there are a couple of misconceptions. What are some of the misconceptions in your industry?

Oh my! These have changed with time, when I started out, parents would have that look of
hmmm, she must be a spoilt child, look at her talking boldly on TV and so on, it was an industry
for idle people to most. And that thankfully has changed a bit, and there is the misconception I
get of late, people think you are a party animal when you are in entertainment and it surprises
them that entertainer also have lives and like sitting and watching TV alone sometimes.

Does being affiliated to house hold brands like Channel O and Capital FM push you to aspire for more?

Oh definitely! I dreamed of working at each of these places and worked towards it and what that
does when you achieve, is to push you to dream bigger now that you have been exposed to
bigger and more successful markets and people especially with Channel O.

How do you manage to remain relevant in such a competitive industry where there's a new 'It  Girl' every other day?

First of all, I'm a fan of any girl/woman who tries to make it in this business and if they need me,
they know I will be the first hand to reach out, contrary to popular belief, there is place for all of
us in this industry, I try and focus on my plans and work very hard and I let things happen, and I
also plan ahead, the next gig, the next show, the next investment. It helps to know what you want.

You feature in a new drama series 'Beneath the Lies'; please shade some more light on that.

Beneath The Lies is a series that has everything from violence to politics. I star as Kamali a young
woman set into a certain world that she didn't choose but had to do all to survive and she has to
fight different wars, of emotion, society and relationships to get through. It will be interesting to grow with the character.

Which one would you say is your favorite radio, television or acting?

That's a question I fear actually because there is no straight answer, I loved acting first but
because there was no platform, I fell in love with TV and then took a turn to radio and now I'm back to acting and honestly??? I wouldn't give up any! I absolutely enjoy everything.

You have attained so much but still remain humble. What keeps you grounded?

My family and upbringing, especially my relationship with my mother, I hope one day I can be
half an awesome parent like my mum has been to me. She reminds me of what's important, plus
I have a family that doesn't live in the bubble of entertainment so when am around them, they
don't fully understand the magnitude of my work ha ha, they are nonchalant about it like….
“Oh you are on TV? That’s cute” and that's it lol.

What do you love most about your job?

I'm a very shy person and people don't know that, so I get to use my job as a stage be it on TV,
radio, I get to step into these heels and dress up and live in a fairy tale oh so perfect world for
these moments. Plus its awesome to touch people's lives, people you may never meet inspired by
your life and work it’s a blessing to me to be in that position.

What's your best experience/defining moment so far?

Every moment, I am very prayerful, and I have realized that God has answered my prayers in
etail and is still answering them; I try and stay appreciative of every single success.

Name 3 Africans people should know

- Leslie Kasumba: she is the head of channel O Africa and am blessed to call her a friend, the
knowledge and passion for her continent is amazing and one sit down with her and she would top
your list of fave people.

- Khanyi Dhlomo: founder and CEO of Ndalo Media, I remember being in Johannesburg 2 years
ago and this is one of the names everyone threw at me to get familiar with, she is a very
successful woman who has made a very successful luxury powerhouse and a name you should
never forget.

- Seanice Kacungira: she is now CEO of blu flamingo, a digital marketing agency but most
might remember her from her radio days on Sanyu FM in Uganda and Capital FM in Nairobi. I
admire what she has built for herself and she is the closet to me that inspires me to put in that
extra effort and dream big.

What makes you proudly African?

I'm proudly African because its one big home, I have had the privilege of traveling the continent
and it feels the same, like we are one people, with the same heart and desires and hopes. Sort of
like one big family with many siblings. Am also proud of how Africa has crafted its own media
hub and we have become a force to be reckoned with.

If you were offered an opportunity to dine with 3 Africans, who would they be and why?

Hmmm it would have to be former M-net managing director Biola Alabi, former beauty queen
and TV personality Jo-ann Strauss and president of the Uganda national chamber of commerce
Mrs. Olive Kigongo.

side note: (The way my heart smiled when she mentioned Biola Alabi! I'm a Biola Alabi stan, I can't even hide it)

To those who have never been to Uganda, what would you like them to know about The Pearl of Africa?

This is the only African country you can come to for the first time and feel at home, you need not dress a certain way, talk a certain way or look a certain way; we are very accepting and accommodating of everyone. You can’t beat Uganda’s hospitality, I challenge you.

You have a very beautiful flawless skin. What’s your beauty routine, any tips for the sisters out 


I have battled with my skin actually because it's very sensitive to makeup and unfortunately the
nature of my job requires makeup so I try to take care of it by drinking minimum a litre of water
a day, I use Neutrogena skin care range because it's not just gentle for my skin but also maintains my skin color, don’t want to wake up two shades lighter ha ha. Plus I have 2 facials a month.

Do you have a bucket list, if so, what's on that list?

I actually don’t because those things scare me; I want to enjoy some surprises, a bucket list narrows down your desires.

What's your pet peeve?

Lack of respect for others. I believe we are all equal and shouldn't look down on people so I cant stand anyone disrespectful.

What’s Mizz Flav’s mantra?

We rise by lifting others.

 Any more projects we can expect from you?

Well I will be crowning off this year with me venturing into acting and that’s something I hopefully will do a bit more next year. Beneath The Lies the series starts December.

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